Miss Buc Days

Since 1938, the Buccaneer Commission, a non-profit organization has annually staged the Buccaneer Days festival in Corpus Christi, Texas in support of bringing entertaining, educational and cultural events to the Coastal Bend. Beginning in 1996, proceeds from Buc Days has been awarded to students as college scholarships.

Held on the Corpus Christi Bayfront in the Spring, this culturally diverse event grabs the attention of South Texas.  It has something for everyone, including a ProRodeo, a Carnival, and two Parades.  Over 120,000 attendees line the streets each year awaiting the Buc Days Pirate Queens and Buc Days King scholarship contestants on our Buc Days float at the Buc Days Illuminated Night Parade.

The Buccaneer Commission’s mission is promoting tradition and community pride in the Coastal Bend by producing exceptional family entertainment that results in educational scholarships.

The Buccaneer Commission through its annual events raises funds to support education in the Coastal Bend. To date the Commission has awarded over $1 million in scholarships and grants.

Sponsors & Partners


The Buccaneer Commission is proud to have the support of its corporate partners. These community-minded companies have contributed to the ever growing success of Buc Days and in turn supported its mission.

For information on sponsorship and other promotional opportunities, please call Tricia Perrone (361) 882-3242 or email her at tricia@bucdays.com


  • ABC Home & Commercial Services
  • AEP Texas
  • American Bank
  • Andrews Distributing
  • Ashley HomeStore
  • Bay Ltd.
  • Boot Barn
  • Brand Energy Solutions, LLC
  • Cavender’s
  • Cazadores Tequila by Bacardi
  • Cenizo Financial
  • Coonrod Electric
  • Cooper Outdoor
  • Dancing Elk Alexander Ranch
  • Dash Truck & Equipment
  • Flint Hills Resources – Corpus Christi
  • Frost
  • Glazer’s Distributing
  • Gulf Coast Crane
  • Homefield Living
  • IBC Bank
  • Johnstone Supply
  • Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, LLP
  • LNV Engineers, Architects, Surveyors
  • McComb Relocation Services
  • Midstate Environmental / Valicor
  • Moody Meats
  • NEC Co-op Energy
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • PRCA Properties – Polaris
  • PV Rentals
  • Scott Electric Co.
  • Texas State Aquarium
  • Texas A&M – Kingsville
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • Trout Trucking Co., Inc.
  • TX Whiskey
  • Valero
  • Wrangler

Buccaneer Commission


The Buccaneer Commission is comprised of community leaders that focus on the mission of Promoting tradition and community pride in the Coastal Bend by producing exceptional family entertainment that results in educational scholarships.

Governing Board

Pat Horne

Philip Skrobarczyk

Paul Chapa

Jonathan McComb

Mark Crawford

Mark Avelar


Bill Lathrop Jr
Bill Lathrop, Jr.
Mike Carrell
Mike Carrell
Michael Longoria
Michael Longoria

Fred Dotts
Julio Flores
Julio Flores

Floyd Brown


Eric Villarreal
Eric Villarreal

Active Commissioners

Matt Adler
Matt Adler

Bryce Alexander
Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey
Chris Baugh
Christopher Baugh

Bob Bradley

Royce Cameron


Clay Campbell

Chase Carlisle

Scott Carrigan
Shane Casady
Shane Casady
Cecil Childers
Cecil Childers

Joe Flores


Alex Garcia Jr
Alex Garcia, Jr.
Page Gray
Page Gray

Chris Hamilton
Taylor Hunt
Taylor Hunt

Scott Landreth

Billy Lesly


Allen Libbe
Cooper Lundquist
Cooper Lundquist

Govind Nadkarni

Larry Olivarez, Jr.

Steven Osterloh
Walter Priestly
Walter Priestly


Stephen Rybak
Stephen Rybak

Matt Yankee

Senior Commissioners

Robert Anderson

George Canales
Carlos Cuellar
Carlos Cuellar

David Crow

Ray Davis

Eddie L. Garcia


Henry Garrett

Joe DeLeon

Steve DeWalt
Richard Durham
Richard Durham

Gary Garrett

Robert Gonzalez


John Grunwald

Steven Land

Henry Sapp

Stuart Sasser

Bryan Stone

Gonzalo Tamez


Chuck Urban

Mike Yankee

Associate Commissioners

Reid Aston
Reid Aston

Blake Blanchette
Kevin Cazalas
Kevin Cazalas

Don Clark
Larry Dreier
Larry Dreier

Dr. Mark Escamilla


Dos Gates

Kris Havelka

Michael Hunter
Jim Lankford
Jim Lankford
George Livas
George Livas
Mark Larue
Mark LaRue


Sam Longoria
Justin McComb
Justin McComb
Mike Munoz
Mike Munoz
Tim Powers
Tim Powers

Larry Roberts

Byron Sharon


Sean Strawbridge

Paul (JR) Turnbull
Sean Walker
Sean Walker

Louis Williams
Kent Young
Kent Young

Past Chairman

Tommy Tucker | 1955 – 1956
Glenn Alexander | 1956 – 1957
Bob Flato | 1957 – 1958
Al Schmid | 1958 – 1959
Glenn Alexander | 1959 – 1960
Jack Estes | 1960 – 1961
Briscoe King | 1961 – 1963
Roy Wallace | 1963 – 1964
Roy Olsen | 1964 – 1966
Bill Anderson | 1966 – 1968
Thomas Walker | 1968 – 1970
Bill Keys | 1970 – 1972
George Gaines | 1972 – 1974
Gene Urban | 1974 – 1976
Jim Young | 1976 – 1978
Richard Durham | 1978 – 1980
Gabe Lozano, Sr. | 1980 – 1982
Bill Anderson | 1982 – 1983
Warren Shaw | 1983 – 1985
Joe DeLeon, Jr. | 1985 – 1987
Chuck Urban | 1987 – 1989
Bill Brown | 1989 – 1991
Arnoldo Garcia | 1991 – 1993
David Crow | 1993 – 1995
Fred Dotts | 1995 – 1997
Henry Garrett | 1997 – 1999
Carlos Cuellar | 1999 – 2001
Mike Yankee | 2002 – 2004
Bobby Gonzalez | 2004 – 2005
Stuart Sasser | 2005 – 2006
Mike Carrell | 2006 – 2007
Mark Crawford | 2007 – 2008
Eddie L. Garcia | 2008 – 2010
Bill Lathrop, Jr. | 2010 – 2012
Robert Anderson | 2012 – 2014
Lee A. Trujillo | 2014 – 2016
Pat Horne | 2016 – 2018




This organization is comprised of individuals who donate their time, talent and resources to stage and produce the annual Buc Days Illuminated Night Parade and the Buc Days Junior Parade.

Officers & Directors

Carter Benkendorfer
Darren Bergstrom
Executive VP
Wayne Pearson
Mark Calhoun
Sonny Boyd
Stephen Lewis
Steen DeWalt
Sam Garcia
Roland Rocha
Matt Ruf
Guy Nickleson
Sean Connolly
Greg Kiel
Christopher Dorsey
Ronnie Robles
Billy Purcell
Scott Chapman

Roger Rocha
Brian Devaney
Fred Cano
Ryan Taylor
Brandon Herridge
David Chapman


Matt Adler
Miguel Alvarado
Frank Aguilar
Scot Barker
Roland Barrera
Nick Black
Donald Bourque
Christopher Chapman
Hunter Daniels
Jeremy DeLaGarza
Adam Delano
Evan Dundas
Jason Gillen
Ryan Going
Marc Gonzalez
Cullen Goodman
Bruce Hamende
Chris Hartman
George Hinojosa
Jesse Hinojosa, Sr.
Herb Jackson
Jim Lankford
Matthew Leal
Matt Martini
Jaime Medina
Denny Meyer
Brandon Michell
Greg Perkes
Randall Poelma
David Ratcliff
Joe Reyes
Michael Riggins
Curtis Rock
Luis Rodriguez
Terry Schade
Gregg Schnellbacher
Ronald Sepulveda
Harold Smith
Keith Smith
Marcus Soliz
Lamont Taylor
Leo Trevino
Robert Urban
Lawrence Vera
Clay Warren
Justin Watson
Larry White

Past Presidents

Bob Abbott
Dr. Jack Best
Mike Blackwood
Jim Boren
John Brandon
Mike Carrell
Bill Cazalas
Jimmy Clark
Eric Cuevas
George Clower
Richard Davis
Walter DeVille
Steve DeWalt
Rick Dupriest
Michael Garrison
Rick Geiter
Miles Graham
Steve Hindman
Jim Laudadio
Max Luther, III
Santos Martinez
Turner Moller
Mark Mora
Tom Novak
Norman Ransleben
Jim Rector
Larry Roberts
Bill Sanderson
Richard Schendel
Wayne Shults
Ted Stephens
Bert Thieme Sr.
Stephen Ware, Jr.
Troy Watson
Claude Watts



Johnny Philipello
Johnny Philipello
Tricia Perrone
Tricia Perrone
Sponsorship & Marketing Manager
Denise West
Denise West
Finance/Ticketing Manager
Amy McCoy
Amy McCoy
Events Manager